a new way to train in every school. simple and empowering.

inspire your students to become lifelong fitness practitioners

get real data on your students

Get access to your students’ reports and stats. Export this data to excel sheets, and follow up with your students’ practice.


interact with your students’ workouts

Leave positive feedback on your students’ workouts, by either liking it or leaving a comment! Create accountability and reinforcement outside of class.

encourage healthy competitions

track your students’ progress

Use our tools to track your students’ effort and progress throughout the school year. Get precise data and inspire your physical education class.

DURING class

Use AGIT as your personal sidekick, either with warm-ups or cool downs, or even as a complement by getting inspired by our exercises.


Encourage PE outside of the school! Share workouts with your students, promote challenges and let them agit in their own homes.


Use AGIT as your personal sidekick, either with warm-ups or cool downs, or even as a complement by getting inspired by our exercises.
class of kids running besides their physical education teacher

at home

Encourage PE outside of the school! Share workouts with your students, promote challenges and let them agit in their own homes.
person doing a home workout in the living room


Male physical education teacher from Roberto Ivens (Azores, Portugal)
"AGIT is not only a valuable AI-based fitness platform. It's a creative approach to promoting exercise among today's sedentary youth. It brought Physical Education to the lives of a great portion of youths.

Teachers who have joined the platform have kept their students motivated and better prepared for optimal motor performance in each class, tailored to the dynamic curriculum demands.”

Hugo Coutinho Lopes Teacher at Middle School Roberto Ivens (Azores, PT)

Male physical education teacher from School Benavente (Santarém, Portugal)
"AGIT makes it easy to create and monitor exercise routines for my students. As the months went by, competitions within the class evolved into inter-class competitions and eventually led to inter-school competitions.

Most importantly, we fostered healthier lifestyle habits in our students, all for free and with the added incentive of prizes. Really appreciated to all who developed this app.”

Ricardo Silva Teacher at School District Benavente (Santarém, PT)

Female Physical Education teacher from Secondary School Inês de Castro (Gaia, Portugal)
"Teachers can conveniently track their students' fitness progress remotely. Youngsters gain a greater understanding about proper exercise execution, creating self-reliance for independent training.

We witnessed an increase in physical fitness levels among our students due to the higher training motivation. I'd love to see the app with expanded exercise options and correcting some counting mistakes.”

Laura Oliveira Teacher at High School Inês de Castro (Porto, PT)

Male Physical Education Teacher from School Lousada Este (Lousada, Portugal)
"AGIT is highly motivating for students. They can see their performance in real-time, constantly striving to improve from one training session to another.

It has been a great asset for the entire school community. Every day, someone does our fitness challenge - some of them even participating with their family. It also serves as a fantastic warm-up for classes.”

Hugo Romano Teacher at School District Lousada Este (Lousada, PT)

Physical education teacher from school José Sanches (Castelo, Portugal)
"AGIT fosters the development of physical fitness by creating an engaging environment in classes. It serves as a valuable tool, enabling the teacher to provide real-time corrective feedback to the participants.

The competitive aspect of AGIT is highly appreciated by the students.”

Maurício Freitas Teacher at School District José Sanches e S. Vicente da Beira (C Branco, PT)

Male PE teacher from School Alapraia (Cascais, Portugal)
"A simple, fun, and engaging way to incorporate functional training into Physical Education classes.

I use the app inside classes throughout the year as warm-up exercises, transitions between tasks, or as the main focus of the lesson."

Pedro Gonzaga Teacher at School District Alapraia (Cascais, PT)

Male PE teacher from School Gaia Nascente (Gaia, Portugal)
"I started using AGIT in a treasure hunt activity at school with training stations. There, exercise performed was being monitored automatically by the camera and AI. Although we encountered some issues, the students responded very well to the challenge presented.

I am excited to integrate the app more extensively in the coming school year, leveraging its potential for extra-curricular tasks and class assignments.

Miguel Nascimento Teacher at School District Gaia Nascente (Porto, PT)

Female PE teacher from School Inês de Castro (Gaia, Portugal)
"The application is highly useful, especially as a complement to the work done in the classroom.

It allows for the monitoring of fitness activities carried out by students and is a great way to share knowledge and motivate students.”

Liliana Almeida Teacher at High School Inês de Castro (Porto, PT)

Male PE teacher from School Sé (Guarda, Portugal)
"This application has really shaken up my students' fitness levels. During the pandemic, it provided an easy and fun way to work on physical fitness while also being competitive, keeping the students motivated.

With the return to in-person teaching, the challenges have continued, sometimes within the classroom, but mostly as homework assignments. And believe me, it works really well.

Nuno Lemos Teacher at School District Sé (Guarda, PT)

Male PE teacher from School Fragata do Tejo (Setúbal, Portugal)
"I've been using AGIT with my students since early 2021!

It has been a very positive experience as it allows students to engage in regular physical activity, not only during classes but also at home, with teachers monitoring their progress.

Congratulations on the development of this excellent application! 👏👏”

João Lourenço Teacher at School District Fragata do Tejo (Setúbal, PT)

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Schools earn points when their students and teachers complete workouts in the AGIT app. The more exercise they do - the more points they earn!

Each school's results can be tracked directly in the app via the "Top Schools" page (accessible to Schools only).

School Ranking



Leiria, Portugal





Viseu, Portugal





Cádiz, Andalucía





Start by creating a group of type Class and associate it with a school. If the school does not exist on the platform: creates a new school in the app - this request will be pending for our approval. If the school already exists on the platform: associates the class directly with the existing school.


To invite students you just need to share with them the group code or the dynamic link. Dynamic link: the student will install the app (if he doesn't have it yet) and after registering will automatically join the group. Group code: the student must enter the group's access code at the add a group site.

create a workout and share

You can create workouts defined by repetitions or time, using various body weight exercises available, with or without rests. These workouts can be shared with your classes, making them immediately available to students.